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Timeless Reimagined

What is Timeless Reimagined?


Simply put, Timeless Reimagined is a monthly dashboard that features a variety of Timeless & inspirational ideas for your home and life.

The "Dashboard" is my way of creating, setting and achieving design goals while maintaining focus.  Additionally, in some small way, the dashboard is a challenge to grow and accomplish more (sometimes with less) as an interior designer & homemaker.  Timeless Home Staging is not just about staging a home for sale or flipping a room for fun; it's about incorporating classical items in a modern era.  Whether I'm at home, in the garden, entertaining guests or decorating for the holidays; my goal is to always provide a warm and welcoming home that reflects who I am. The Design Dashboard helps.


The notion that a Timeless Lifestyle is achieved only through fame and fortune is, frankly, untrue.  A Timeless lifestyle isn't about money or following new trends; its about incorporating & revealing your Timeless traditions for your family - wherever you are.  What is Timeless to you?


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