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Timeless...Reinvented, Redesigned, Restored, Reimagined And Renewed

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The "Timeless Resdesigned" offers a unique perspective on the arrangement of furniture.  Here you will discover two different homes that are staged with basically the same furniture.  You will see some additions here and there, but these add-ons are minimal and inexpensive. Just click on the picture of the home you would like to see and it will bring you straight to the gallery for that home. 



Additionally, if you would like more information on what I'm currently working on, feel free to go to my Blog (click on the typewriter keys picture on the left) or Design Dash Board (also on left) for advice. I update the Blog monthly and the Design Dashboard provides daily updates with inspirational items and ideas.




The first home is in Alaska and is basically a center hall craftsman home with very lovely features that made it easy to stage.  The key to this home was the view.  Since it sat on a hill, the owner made a point to highlight the view from the front yard.  This accentuated the curb appeal while creating an additional outdoor entertainment space.


The second home is set in Louisiana and is a one and half story home with an open floor plan.  Once again, the same furniture is used and many items are repurposed in a variety of locations throughout the home.   You will see the introduction of a new bedroom set, kitchen table and a remodeled kitchen.  For the before and after photos of the kitchen, please make sure to the visit the Timeless Restored page.

Timeless Holidays offers you a glimpse at how I decorate for my favorite time of year - Christmas.  I truly love designing a home for the holidays and I make a sincere effort to utilize items that are readily available; I just re-imagine those items for the holiday season.  Christmas is a time to devote to family and worship and the last thing I want is for you to stress over how to decorate the hearth for the holidays or the table for a cocktail party.  I'm here to help.


Should you need assistance for a future design project, or a current one, I am here to help.  I look forward to helping you and feel free to click the picture at left and it will lead you directly to my contact information.

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