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Marching In

I’ve come to realize that winter doesn’t go without a fight; and that fight occurs in March. Perhaps that’s why March is well known for being a month to begin wars – but of course, with the Roman God of War, Mars, being your namesake – what else would you expect? Perhaps everyone is just angry at all the winter weight they’ve gained from hibernating for the last three to four months – I know I am. On the brighter side, March is a transitional month for me and I have a feeling it’s that way for most folks. The spring onion blades begin to poke out from under the ground, the Daffodil bulbs that you never knew were in your garden begin forcing their way out of the blanket of mulch and the aroma of skunk road kill is in air… ah yes, it must be March!

However, aside from winter arguing with spring, the historical aspect of wars starting in this month, muddy landscape and cabin fever reaching a fever pitch … I love March. Why? Simply put – it’s a hopeful month for me. March is a month that was made for planning; or at the very least it offers one an opportunity for a New Year’s resolution course correction. In March, every seed of an idea or kernel of a plan is perfect - and that brings me great joy. Faith and Hope seem to fight their way to the surface this month and Spring just seems to say, “I won’t be bullied back into the ground!” I love it.

On the heels of all that imagery; I decided to create a “Design Dashboard.” I’ve never done this before – so there might be a few ruts here and there – but I’ll work those out. The Design Dashboard offers me an interior design and decorating destination. It shows what I would like to design with for this month, colors I want to incorporate into my projects, unique items I want to utilize inside and outside the home, as well as Timeless items that I love for this month.

One of those items is a children’s book that always seems to surface around this time of year called, Little Sister and the Month Brothers. I used to read it to my daughter and for some reason the month of March reminds me of this Slavic Cinderella tale. If you have an opportunity to buy it – I know you’ll love it. In the book, Little Sister’s mean step family sends her out into the winter weather to search for violets; just about the time she is ready to give up – she sees a glowing fire with 12 men sitting around the fire – The 12 Month Brothers. Little Sister approaches the Month Brothers who naturally take pity on her and help her by providing her violets. It is brother March who melts the snow to help give way so violets may grow. So, naturally one of my inspirations for this month is the color violet. Rest assured – this is not a color I over indulge on and it remains solely with the floral lane.

Featured this month is a segment entitled, “War Paint!” and is inspired by the Roman God of War and the namesake for the month – Mars. “War Paint!” illustrates some of my favorite sketches and paintings depicting historical battles. Perhaps an odd choice for many, however, the decorating possibilities are endless, the history is phenomenal and the Timeless quality of these pieces of art are amazing to behold. Truly a stunning reminder of the gallantry and sacrifice of our wonderful men and women in the military.

As for the rest of the month? Well, March just wouldn’t be March without: Pancakes, Mardi Gras and Macarons; Clocks and Daylight Savings Time; Fish on Fridays and Kite Flying on Saturdays; The well-appointed bar just in time for St. Patrick’s Day and of course we’ll round out the month with a dash of First Ladies and a splash of color for the garden. I hope you’ll join me this month as I try to keep our days Forever Simple, the decor Forever Elegant and life Forever Timeless.



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