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As the unofficial start of summer is about to begin - I thought I would take a moment to reflect on some items I fell in love with during the social distancing season.

1. Local farmers. Our local farmers have been our go to for food shopping for years - however, ever since we hit a new normal & food stores have not been able to adequately accommodate my family's needs - I'm vocal about going local. I can't say enough about local farmers and ranchers - they saved us.

2. Gardening. While I can't be a farmer; I can pretend. I tried my best to incorporate a small piece of Heaven to have peace on earth. If I have to live through a pandemic - I'm going to make it look as pretty as possible.

3. Restoration. While I can't restore the nation - I can at least restore furniture and during a time when we all need a little fixin' - I might as well start with myself and a bookcase. As much as I hate to admit this, especially since I'm a natural introvert, even I became a little socially deprived over the past few months. So, in order to combat cabin fever, I began searching for projects that would ease me through stay at home and social distancing orders. Thankfully, our local antique stores were able to remain open on a limited basis and this allowed me just enough wiggle room to find a project and ease the envelope of an epidemic. (I know it's a pandemic - the sentence just sounded better with epidemic.)

4. Home Town - the show - not where I live. I just fell in love with Ben and Erin - I enjoy their approach to a community and customers and even though I'm 51 years old; I wouldn't mind being them when I grow up.

5. Art. I can draw; pretty well actually - however, I have a bad habit of ignoring this talent and always placing it on the "Someday Shelf." You know that area of your life that you postpone until someday becomes never? Well, this year I lost a very dear uncle who was an amazing artist. God knew what he was doing the day he created this man. His ability to capture detail I think would inspire DaVinci himself and his death was devastating. However, his creativity didn't end at art - that was just the beginning. He was also a passionate author with a level of creativity and talent that would match the genius of great authors such as C.S. Lewis and Tolkien; except for one problem - he places that talent on the Someday Shelf. His contribution died with him and if there is ever a lesson to be learned by his death, world events and problems it is this -

One day, your someday will pass; so, let your someday begin today.

God Bless you all and your families. May the Summer winds evaporate the tears of Spring and may we all find joy again.

Peace be with you.


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