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Timeless Restored

Timeless Restored captures beautifully designed projects that involve reviving a room to reveal its full potential.  Whether it's guiding you through the:

                                      - Restoration of a Library,

                                      - Design of Open Stock Shelving for a kitchen,

                                      - Capture of additional space for the Pantry or your dreams,

                                      - Creation of a Coffee Bar or the

                                      - Build of banquet seating


Timeless Home Staging can provide you with a 2D and 3D design that will assist any Do-it-Yourselfer or veteran Carpenter.  No project is ever too small for us and we are always here and ready to bring your ideas and dreams for your home a little closer to reality.

If you're simply looking to restore your home by incorporating beautiful furniture and interior decor - but don't quite know how to develop a cohesive design - we can assist you.  With patience, great communications and a little bit of trial and error - we can help you make any area of your home...Timeless.

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